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I could never figure out why Russia went to war with Germany in ww1. Here it is. The missing link was THE BAIT. Black Sea ports and access to the Mediterranean.

Mike King at Tomatobubble. Of course this is a must read.


Today known as Istanbul, Constantinople was once the center of the Eastern Roman Empire and its Orthodox Church.

Its strategic location would also have given Russia free access to the Mediterranean. This was THE BAIT used to lure Russia into a “Holy Alliance” with the schemers of France and Britain.


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If there is anything worse than a jew, it’s an orthodox jew.

Jew Lew is an orthodox jew which was mentioned in the jew news when the kenyan first appointed him (Joseph Lieberman is an ortho joo too). But yes, they are clean cut ortho jooz because a greasy beard and side curls wouldn’t look kosher with a high Federal govt position even in the ZOG.

They don’t want to blatantly broadcast their jewyness to the gentile. But you can be sure the perverted, psychotic ortho jew brain inside hasn’t been cleaned up in any way.

This is how it works (primarily in israel): All jews believe they are chosen by God to be superior to non-jews (aka Gentiles aka cattle). But the orthodox jew takes it even a freaky step beyond that. They believe that only they are the true jew and all others (even other jews) are false jews, i.e., cattle.

They define cattle as dumb beasts whose only purpose on the planet is to serve the jew. Hence, they refuse to serve even in the jew military because they would be serving the nation which is primarily composed of cattle (secular jews). Can’t do that!

They refuse to work too (Jew Lew must be an aberration). It would be blasphemy for them to subserviate themselves to cattle even in exchange for wages. Ergo, the only appropriate condition is for them to be supported unconditionally by the cattle (which, after all, is the reason God put the cattle on the planet). In other words,the cattle works, pays taxes, serves in the jew military, kills Palestinians, etc. and then provides free welfare sustenance to the Ortho so they may do nothing but eat, defecate, pray, and fornicate.

Such is the mindset of the ortho jew. Rabbi Yosef said it best:

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [Turkish bossman] and eat.” That is why gentiles were created.”
– Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, spiritual mentor of the religious fundamentalist party, Shas, and a former Chief Rabbi of Israel.

But don’t despair! Such an insane, selfish mindset cannot help but be a detriment to the long term cohesion of the zionist Occupation and for that we must be thankful.

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The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. 

It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world.  Yet these Christian victims lie in their graves, unmourned and unknown, …


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