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Okay, I have been looking for this date a long time now and I finally found it.

October 1916 is the date when the zionstjews/jew banker cut the deal with England about Palestine. England is to invade and occupie Palestine in order to give to the zionstjews.

The zionstjews part is to bring America into ww1. And the zionstjews did.

A year from now is October 2016, that is a century ago the zionstjews cut the Balfour declaration deal with England. The only country that had the navy and the numbers of soldiers that could invade and occupie Palestine was England.

Start at 57 min and four min.

The Holocaust – The Greatest Lie Ever Told —1h 20 min.

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Putin in his own words US vs Russia. Mandatory video.

-And we are the aggressor? —Putin—


Putin: Does anyone even listen to us? —-6 min.

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