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Jews in France

The first concerns the International League Against Anti-Semitism and Racism (LICRA), perhapsequivalent to the Southern Poverty Law Center as an organization that is not explicitly Jewish but is mainly funded and controlled by Jews. The second organization is the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF), the official Jewish lobby.


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Jews hating jews

In 1939, with the intensification of persecution against German Jewry, the Swedish Parliament passed a law which permitted entry to tens of thousands of German Jews. The upshot of this decision would be their rescue from the certain death that would result if they would otherwise have been sent east.

The Swedish Parliament thus displayed an outstanding humanitarian approach. But then something happened which dumbfounded the Gentiles, resulting in weakening the hand of those who were true friends of the Jewish people.

Dr. Ehrenpreisz, the “Chief Rabbi” of Sweden (since 1914), together with the leader of the Jewish community in Stockholm, turned to the Swedish government with the request that it not carry out the aforementioned decision of Parliament,

using the excuse that the settling, even temporarily, of 10,000 additional Jews in Sweden could arouse a Jewish problem in this land that had never experienced anti-Semitism because of the small number of its Jewish citizens. The efforts of these two wicked community leaders succeeded in their goal and the Swedish government voided its plan to carry out its own Parliament’s law. But when, four years later, all of Danish Jewry was smuggled, overnight, into Sweden, Ehrenpreisz did not succeed in thwarting that wonderful rescue effort, since it came to him as a surprise, too.



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“Between 1870 and 1939 Jews played a conspicuous role in white slavery, as the prostitution of that era was called. Not only was this participation conspicuous, but it was, for the Jews, historically unprecedented, geographically widespread, and ­­in an age of pandemic anti-Semitism ­­fraught with collective political dangers.”

–Edward J. Bristow, PROSTITUTION AND PREJUDICE, The Jewish Fight Against White Slavery 1870-1939 – the book’s jacket


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Good jew links



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Escape of Jews from Poland to the Soviet Union(1November 15, 1939)

…There is no present and no future for young Jews. They escape for their lives. They get away by different methods: on foot, by auto, train, carts and every other kind of transport. The border is open. The Soviets do nothing to prevent it.

It is reliably estimated that more than a million** refugees escaped to Russia. However many came they were still well received.

But – where was this great mass of people to go? A small part, particularly those with a trade, have already been moved to the interior of Russia.


According to the jews there was 3,5 million jews in Poland. That is the bulk of jews in Europe at the time. Where would you as a jew in Poland go, to the west to Germany and be send to a work camp or to the east to Soviet and be well received?

And here you have the answer to where did the bulk of holohoxed jews go, to the jew ruled Soviet.

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Communism is a system that holds down the successful and intelligent man and rises the inferior man to the top. No wonder it is the Jewish political system.

Cultural Marxism/Social Democracy is Communism 2.0.


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Here you go Flanders.

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Last post is now 180 comments. Messy to keep track of. Post any comments here from now.

My mother have visited her home last Thursday. First time since surgery in May. She is in a wheelchair. The plan is that she can move back home.

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