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Let’s Cut All The Jewish Bullshit Once And For All Times – by Hoff

What every single jew do all their sorry ass life are three things:

A: How can I – as a jew – steal everything every non-jew owns?
Jew communism/ jew marxism/ jew liberal in real life.

B: How ca I – as a jew – make every single non-jew my slave?
Jew communism/ jew marxism/ jew liberal in real life.

C: How can I – as a jew – make every single non-jew into a retard that worship me as their “God”? Jew communism/ jew marxism/ jew liberal in real life.

This is the WHOLE jew scam/fraud/jew liberal/jew marxism/ jew communism explained easy in ten sentences.

What fucking part don’t YOU get!

I simply can’t explain the whole jew fraud/scam communism/marxism/liberal in less words.

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Never mind the video. Never mind anything!

Just listen.

“Mando Diao Strövtåg i hembygden”

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The world jewish population is generally 14 million in the 20th century right? So when you take into account the claimed holocaust of 6 million in russia in 1905 for which there is documented evidence that the jews claimed this as a holocaust,

the 6 million of kaisers germany in 1919 which is also a documented claim and the famous 6 million of the 40s that’s 18 million, yes one eight million for those who barely speak english, so, 18 million jewish deaths in the space of 40 years at a time when the world jewish population is 14 million means the jews are at negative 4 million but still control the worlds monetary media corporate and political institutions… –mike–

mike at ZionCrimeFactory com

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Combatting Typhus at Auschwitz

When typhus broke out in the Auschwitz camp for the first time in the summer of 1942, the German authorities there responded resolutely. In an effort to halt the disease, Commandant Rudolf Höss ordered a full-scale quarantine (vollständige Lagersperre) of the camp in July 1942. SS men and their families were not allowed to leave the camp area.

As the epidemic continued to spread, Höss ordered further measures, including delousing actions with Zyklon, a prohibition against SS men and their families eating uncooked fruits and vegetables, disinfections of living quarters, obligatory vaccinations, and further restrictions on movement. Special “louse inspection” units were organized, and those who failed to observe the anti-lice measures were punished.note 9

On July 22, 1942, an official in the central Berlin office responsible for concentration camp administration (WVHA) radioed Auschwitz: “I hereby give permission for a five ton truck to go from Auschwitz to Dessau and back, in order to pick up gas [Zyklon] for gassing of the camp, to fight the epidemic that has broken out.” This was just one of several such deliveries.note 10

But these measures proved inadequate. Even as the camp’s hospital blocks were overcrowded with typhus victims, the disease continued to claim many lives. In early December 1942, SS camp physician Dr. Wirths spoke at a meeting that had been called to address the typhus crisis. Reflecting the seriousness of the occasion, the attendees included local and regional government officials, military officers, and important civilian figures.note 11 Wirths reported optimistically that

three large disinfestation, shower and sauna facilities can be put into operation right now, specifically two facilities for the inmates and one for SS troop members. The capacity of these facilities is some 3,000 to 4,000 persons per 24 hours.

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The jews code words explained – by Hoff

“Without the sever repression of the enemy classes …” Lenin look alike in Soviet propaganda video at 9:12

Gulag 1.2

JwTube – Video Click Here

“Without the sever repression of the enemy classes …”

In the jew world there are only two classes: The jews and the trash rest – that would be you and me non-jews.

Translation: If we jews don’t kick the shit out of all non-jews …

“… without an iron dictatorship ..” 9:18

Translation: If we jews don’t have a crowbar that no non-jew would dare to be hit by a jew …

“… our revolution, indeed any revolution, would collapse.” 9:23

Translation: “Revolution” is jew code word for Successful jew instigated coup.

Or in short: If we jews don’t kick the shit out of all non-jews relentless with a iron crowbar – the “enemy” – that is all us non-jews – will exterminate six jews.

Kill or be killed.

Now the filthy jew peddo in this jewish propaganda video made in the jew ruled Soviet. 9:41

“For her sake we must be merciless …

She is a sweet white six year girl. Watch how the Stalin look alike is under her shirt and all over this little white girl. Fucking peddo jew propaganda. Sorry +BN and Crew, but this got to me. Jewish filth right in your face.

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The Jewish criminal mafia planned the complete Bolshevik revolution and forced the Communist Dictatorship on the Russian People.
During this Communist Dictatorship on the Russian People the JEW “ROBBER BARONS” with their “JEW PUPPET” Stalin Murdered more than 62 MILLION GENTILE CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA.
Premeditated Murder Genocide.
Now let’s take that one step further.

While the JEW “ROBBER BARONS” with their “JEW PUPPET” Stalin were in power in Russia they planned, financed, supplied guns and ammunition orchestrated the take down of every WHITE run Country in Africa.

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