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Zion Running Scared: ZCF Now Among Top Ranked Truth Sites

Posted on November 28, 2012 by ZionCrimeFactory


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Policy magazine, which is owned by the Jewish-run Washington Post, has published a list of what it considers the 50 most powerful Republicans on foreign policy.

The list contains no few that twenty Jewish Americans, amazing when you consider that Jews account for less than 1% of Republican voters.

Furthermore, most of the other names on the list have been made a career of being slavishly pro-Zionist Israel-firsters, including Condoleeza Rice, John Bolton, and John McCain.


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Biker says:

October 31, 2012 at 2:20 am

just had to add a “factoid” or Two.

the U.S.S.R attacked Poland not once, but twice prior to WWII. not a word from the ‘allies’. search: Soviet-Polish war, 1919-1921.

between 1919-1940 the U.S.S.R also attacked : China, Mongolia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, without so much as a paragraph in any Western news media. Hitler got full pages, front pages! Stalin got a caricature of a jolly old fellow telling warm n fuzzy folk stories while puffing on his pipe. Uncle Joe.

jew media spin. Hitler was a satanist, homosexual, cannibal, hermaphrodite, but our gallant Soviet ally was led by santa clause. yeah, sure.

anyone can see the bull here. if there is an obvious pile of shit on the surface, isnt it easy to surmise that it ALL stinks?

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In a speech on Monday Interior Minister Eli Yishai succinctly explained his policy toward African migrants: They should all be jailed, so that they will want to leave Israel.

“After we’ve put them in the detention facilities they’ll prefer to leave,” Yishai told a conference at Tel Aviv University’s Institute for National Security Studies. “There will be a detention facility and they will be returned to their own countries and to other countries, if we are determined and we recognize that the State of Israel is in existential danger because of this problem. Then everything will be different. With God’s help, it will be possible to continue this national mission and return every last infiltrator and migrant worker to their own countries,” Yishai said.


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