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The declaration behind the formation of the USSR is an official document on the principal objective of a vast state, which is to destroy and subjugate all other states in the world. –Chp1–

This book confirms everything I said about the jew run Soviet, except he don’t know it’s the jews who are behind communist world conquest. The jews used 35 percent of Soviet GNP on the military. Everything about Soviet military was about attack. No country in the world could invade Soviet military, except Germany. And the jews gave Mr Hitler anything he wanted.

After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of the right to a strong army and offensive weapons, including tanks, military aircraft, heavy artillery and submarines. German commanders were unable to use German territory to train for the waging of offensive wars.

So they began to make their preparations in the Soviet Union. Everything possible was done, on Stalin’s orders, to enable German commanders to carry out military training on Soviet territory. They were given training classes, artillery and shooting ranges, as well as tanks, heavy artillery and military aircraft which, under the terms of the Treaty,
they had no right to receive. –Chapter 1–

A stunning statement to say the least. He proves his case and it all make sense. The key factors are to understand that Soviet was ruled by jews – as jews. And that Soviet was nothing but the jews private army for jew world conquest. Of course the jews wanted all of Europe to the Atlantic-English Channel. How it was done was the jews set Hitler and Germany for war. The jews did everything to get Hitler into power. Yes they did!

The book is 33 chapter and I’m only in chapeter four, and everything so far is MANDATORY read!!! Everything he claims make perfect sense from the jews perspective. Unless you read this book you can not understand how and why Jew War Two (ww2) was started by the jews and why. Forget everything you as ever told about who started ww2, this is the real deal.

Everything the jews do they do in codewords. Exchange Soviet and Stalin with – The Jews and this book tell what really happened in the jew run Soviet. If you only read one book about ww2, this it.

Icebreaker, the book in full text – Click Here

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Do you know what everything you ever was told on the jews TalMUD-Vision (TV) – in any white country about the jews have in common?

It’s jewish bullshit.

Turn on the jews TV and all you get is jewish bullshit.

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Why was colonisation ended? – by Hoff

What do every single demoCRAP/communist/liberal have in common? They are all guilt ridden by the history of colonisation. If England, France, Belgium and so on still had colonies, would this guilt trip be possible?

No, and that is the reason the jews pushed the de-colonisation.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the slave trade over the Atlantic from Africa was a JEW ONLY monopoly. Here are the facts straight from the jews themself.

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‘Marriage to an Arab is national treason’

Recent poll reveals steep rise in racist views against Arabs in Israel; many participants feel hatred, fear when overhearing Arabic, 75 percent don’t approve of shared apartment buildings

Over half of the Jewish population in Israel believes the marriage of a Jewish woman to an Arab man is equal to national treason, according to a recent survey by the Geocartography Institute.

The survey, which was conducted for the Center Against Racism, also found that over 75 percent of participants did not approve of apartment buildings being shared between Arabs and Jews. Sixty percent of participants said they would not allow an Arab to visit their home.

Five hundred Jewish men and women participated in the poll, which was published Tuesday.

According to the survey, racism against Arabs in Israel has seen a sharp rise since a similar survey was conducted two years ago.

In 2006, 247 racist acts against Arabs were reported, as opposed to 225 one year prior.

About 40 percent of participants agreed that “Arabs should have their right to vote for Knesset revoked”. The number was 55 percent lower in the previous survey. Also, over half of the participants agreed that Israel should encourage its Arab citizens to immigrate from the country.

Over half of the participants said they would not want to work under the direct management of an Arab, and 55 percent said “Arabs and Jews should be separated at entertainment sites”.

‘Arab culture inferior’

Participants were asked what they felt when they overheard someone speaking Arabic. Thirty-one percent said they felt hatred, while 50 percent said they felt fear.

Over 56 percent of participants said they believed that Israel’s Arab citizens posed both a security and a demographic threat to the country.

When asked what they thought of Arab culture, over 37 percent replied, “The Arab culture is inferior.”

“The Center Against Racism has set itself a goal to monitor all racial incidents against Arab citizens, and to fight racism as much as possible under the law through public action,” the center’s annual report said.

Bachar Ouda, the center’s director, said the survey’s findings were worrisome, and urged the government to intervene in the situation.

“We call on the education minister to take the gloves off and deal with the issue seriously, because it is dangerous to coexistence. We call on the state prosecutions office, and the attorney general to take action,” Ouda said.


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Exchange Venezuela With Russia 1881, or Germany 1948 and What Do You Get? The exact same jewish “persecution” propaganda bullshit.

“Poor, poor jews persecuted again – Click Here

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Another jew codeword decoded (Why didn’ I get this befor?):

“Dictator” = Any true patriot leader that don’t obey the jewish scum.

Take any “dictator” in any country the last 100 years and what do they all have in common? They didn’t give a fuck about the jews. All “dictators” took back what the jews had stolen and expelled the jews.

Either the jews control you or you is a “dictator”.

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Whatever the jews do they do in code words. The whole purpose is to hide what the jews want and what the jews have done, so that they can blame someone else for their own crimes.

Take anything you was ever told the nazis did to the jews, and exchange Nazi with The Jews – and you have the truth about the jews. It was the jews that tried to kill the whole german people – not the other way around. The jews tell what they themself have done, but they blame anyone else and say they did that to the jews.

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Icebreaker – book

This is a fantastic book – Icebreaker by Viktor Suvorov. I have only started to read the first chapter and it’s mindblowing! He don’t have a clue about the jews, but he tells from the inside of the jew run Soviet what the jews did to start ww2. What is needed to understand to read the truth is that whatever the jews do, they do in codewords. Exchange Stalin with JEWs – and you get the truth.

The book says: Stalin did this and Stalin did that. Read: The jews did this and the jews did that. Soviet this and Soviet that. Read: The jews this and the jews that. Once you know how to decode the jews codeword you can read the jews doing openly. In Pravda, TASS and the whole jew run propaganda machine in Soviet the jews themself tell what they are doing, how they are doing it and why they are doing it – if you know how to decode the jews codewords and if you know what the jews want – to rule the world.

What really happened in Russia 1917 was that the jews killed the entire russian elite, stole their homes and moved in, hence the jews more or less over night became the new elite that ruled Soviet from 1917 to 1990. Once the jews had taken control of the russian state/country the jews turned Soviet-Russia into the jews private army – the jews proxy war machine for jew world conquest.

What Viktor Suvorov tells us in this book is what the jews did to conquer the world from inside the jew run Soviet. I doubt there is any other book like this. As I said, I’m only in the first chapter and it’s mindblowing.


Who started the Second World War? There is no single answer to this question. The Soviet JEWS government, for example, has repeatedly changed its official line on the issue. On 18 September 1939, they JEWS stated in an official note that the government of Poland was the instigator of the war. On 3o November 1939, however, Stalin JEWS named other culprits in the JEWS newspaper, Pravda: ‘France and
Britain . . . attacked Germany, thereby taking upon themselves the responsibility for the present war,’ he THE JEWS wrote. By 5 May 1941, the JEWS story had changed again : in a secret speech to graduates of military academies, Stalin JEWS laid the responsibility on Germany.

After the war had ended, this circle of ‘culprits’ grew. Stalin JEWS
announced that the most blood-stained war in the history of humanity had been started by all the capitalist countries in the world – in other words, all the sovereign states in the world including Sweden and Switzerland, but excluding the Soviet Union.


Hoff: Here we see the jews propaganda machine at work. Accuse anything and everybody, wait and see what is best for the jews and then it turned out that the best for the jews was to accuse Germany responsibility for Jew Worldwar Two (ww2). If the jews thought it was good for the jews to blame America for ww2 – you would never heard anything else in your whole life but: -America started ww2. America started ww2. America started ww2. Just tell any lie and keep repeating it and it becomes the “truth”.

In Icebreaker Viktor Suvorov claims:

After the First World War, the Treaty of Versailles deprived Germany of the right to a strong army and offensive weapons, including tanks, military aircraft, heavy artillery and submarines. German commanders were unable to use German territory to train for the waging of offensive wars.

So they began to make their preparations in the Soviet Union. Everything possible was done, on Stalin’s THE JEWS orders, to enable German commanders to carry out military training on Soviet territory. They were given training classes, artillery and shooting ranges, as well as tanks, heavy artillery and military aircraft which, under the terms of the Treaty, they had no right to receive.


Hoff: Mindblowing to say the least. And I think it’s true. Why? What is the jews MO? To pit people againt each other. More from Icebreaker:

Even before the Nazis came to power, the Soviet leaders had given Hitler the unofficial name of ‘Icebreaker for the Revolution’.

Hoff: “Revolution” is jew codeword for: Successful jew instigated coup.

The name is both apt and fitting. The communists JEWS understood that Europe would be vulnerable only in the event of war and that the Icebreaker for the Revolution JEW COUP could make it vulnerable.
Unaware of this, Adolf Hitler cleared the way for world JEW communism by his actions. With his Blitzkrieg wars, Hitler crushed the Western democracies, scattering and dispersing his forces from Norway to Libya. This suited Stalin JEWS admirably. The Icebreaker committed the greatest crimes against the world and humanity, and,
in doing so, placed in Stalin’s JEWS hands the moral right to declare himself the JEWS liberator of Europe at any time he THE JEWS chose

Hoff: “Liberator” is jew codeword for: Jews taking control of that coountry/state.

– while changing the concentration camps from brown to red.
Stalin JEWS understood better than Hitler that a war is won by the side which enters it last and not by the one which goes into it first. Stalin JEWS granted Hitler the doubtful honour of being the first, while he THE JEWS himself prepared for his unavoidable entry into the war after ‘all the capitalists (will) have fought amongst themselves’. (Stalin, Vol. 6, p. 158)

Hoff: “Capitalist” is jew codeword for rich non-jews. No rich jew is included here.

How the jews started Jew Worldwar Two (ww2) was that they pitted every single country against Germany. Relentless, neverending warmongering jews, see Iran 2o12. The jews warmongering against Iran is right there in your face. You have internet, just do your homework, everything is right there in your face.

Who started the warmongering on Iraq? 25 jews. Who started the warmongering on Iran? The same 25 jews. The jew Bill Kristol for one. The jew Richard Pearle for two. This is exactly how the jews started ww2. The jews MO never change – pit people against each other, wait and see what happen.

Germany was threatened from the eas, the jew run Soviet and from the west by the jew run England and the jew run France. What would you as Germany do? Just sit there and take it? Germany didn’t have any option but to rearm. Who gave Germany the possebility to rearm? The jew run Soviet. What would you do: Just sit there or take any possible action and take what you can get from whoever?


Icebreaker – the book in full text online – Click Here

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OK, we lied about Katyn, but we told the truth about Auschwitz … honest!

Two of the Soviet JEWs investigators who complied the fraudulent report
pinning the blame for the 1940 NKVD massacre of 15,000+ Poles at Katyn
on the Germans! Also signed the official Soviet JEWs report on Auschwitz.

NO NO – No more lying jewish scum – What Lying Jewish Scumbags? – Click Here

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MANDATORY PICTURE! Best ever. Explains what the jews have done to America in one picture. White americans “liberating” countries on the other side of the earth and giving their women to the blacks.

Mandatory – Click Here

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Read my articles on Iran to get the picture. All jew instigated wars start by an international boycott of the country the jews declared war on. The jews cycles war every seven-ten years. What the jews did to Iraq will happen to Iran too, and her is the timeline for the destruction of Iran.

Today the whole western world have stopped to buy iranian oil. Five to ten years from now iran’s economi will be destroyed. The whole infrastructure will be in a very poor state due to problem to get spare parts. Now Iran is ready for the destruction.

And the day the war-destruction of Iran will start is the day jew”media” starts to rant “LIBERAT IRAN”. The only country that can attack Iran military is the jew run America, and America have just had ten year of war-destruction of Iraq. America need a rest from this. But five to ten years from now America will be ready to attack Iran.

“Liberat” is the jews codeword for when they prepared America for another war on the other side of the earth. Until the jews codeword “Liberat Iran” is on all frontpages there will happen nothing.

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The Soviet communists declared their main objective quite openly – to liberate the whole world, and Europe first of all. This plan was actively pursued; in the course of 1940 alone, while Germany was fighting in the west, five new ‘republics’ were annexed into the Soviet Union.

After this, it was openly declared that ‘liberation’ campaigns would continue, and enormous forces were created for this purpose. The next victim of ‘liberation’ could only have been Germany …

From the book Icebreaker.

What do every single country the jew run invaded have in common? They was all “liberated”. What do every single country America invaded have in common? They was “liberated”. What the jew run America do today is just the same as the jew run Soviet did, conquering the world to give the jews control of the state.

The whole military in Soviet was an attack army. The whole military in America is an attack army. Same thing, the jews private army for jew world conquest. “Liberated” is jew codword for that the jews rule the state, jews control the central bank and jews controls politic.

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Russian Specialist Lays Bare Stalin’s Plan To Conquer Europe
Joseph Bishop – Institute for Historical Review

… In `Icebreaker’ Suvorov takes a close look at the origins and development of World War II in Europe, and in particular the background to Hitler’s “Operation Barbarossa” attack against the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 … Above all, this book details the vast Soviet preparations for an invasion of Europe in the summer of 1941 with the goal of Sovietizing central and western Europe.

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The book in full text as pdf, six MB – Click Here

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Buried deep in the archives of America’s intelligence services are a series of memos, written during the last years of President George W. Bush’s administration, that describe how Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents.

According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives — what is commonly referred to as a “false flag” operation … The officials did not know whether the Israeli program to recruit and use Jundallah is ongoing.

Nevertheless, they were stunned by the brazenness of the Mossad’s efforts. “It’s amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with,” the intelligence officer said. “Their recruitment activities were nearly in the open. They apparently didn’t give a damn what we thought.”

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Jewish scum that don’t care about what retarded americans think? No shit. Just ask Joe Cortina about how jews behave:

Joe Cortina – Click Here

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Those who maintain that there is nothing in the character, habits, or disposition of the Jew to provoke antipathy have to bring the charge of fanatical prejudice not only against the Russians or against Christendom, but against mankind …

Critics of Judaism are accused of bigotry of race, as well as of bigotry of religion. The accusation comes strangely from those who style themselves the Chosen People, make race a religion, and treat all races except their own as Gentiles and unclean … We have given up the fancy that the Jew is accursed. We must cease to believe that he is sacred.

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Everything the jews do is about how they can fool stupid non-jews into helping the jews to destroy their own country and making it possible for the jews take control of their state-country.

Take anything that is called “cultural marxism” and what do they all have in common? It’s bad for white people. “Cultural marxism = Bad for white people.

Many good people have scrutinized “cultural marxism”, but only a few have come to the conclusion that it’s the jews behind. Many good people have used a lot of time on “cultural marxism”, trying to determ what it really is.

Don’t start there, get the big picture first and you can spot the jewish fraud “cultural marxism” in any issue instantly. Take anything bad for white people and it’s “cultural marxism”.

One of the mayor issue in the jewish fraud communism is that everything from the old society must be destroyed to the core. “Cultural marxism” is the jews western world version of the jewish fraud communism.

In the jews Soviet-Russia version of communism the jews just killed anyone that opposed the jews. The jews can’t do that in the western world – yet. “Cultural marxism” is the jews sneaky backstabbing version of communiusm. A neckshot jew run Soviet style is quick, “cultural marxism” is a slow neckshot.

In “cultural marxism” the jews make stupid non-jews work against their own interest. What the jews do is that they make tear jerking sob stories how they love all people of all coulor, we are all equal and must fight the racism.

The whole combat “racism” is nothing but jewish bullshit. There was no racism, just reality, but the jews fighting “racism” the main agenda of all stupid white people. What is the worst thing you can be accused of in the whole western world after being a “nazi”? He-she is a racist.

I have encountered this many times, by ordinary people. The most stupid women can accuse the brightest man to be a “racist” and in jew”media” that man is hunted down until he shut up. A “nazi-racist-antisemite” is the same word and have the same effect – it shut people up. And that is the whole point, to shut people up.

What ALL “nazi-racist-antisemite” have in common is that they are against the jews hidden agenda, that would be “cultural marxism”. And what did I tell you “cultural marxism” is all about? To destroy all white peoples countries.

In the jew run Soviet a boy was made Hero of Soviet. His name was Pavlik Morozov and do you know what he did? He told on his parents making a comment on Lenin. He was called “Comrade Pavlik” in the jews propaganda machine in the jew run Soviet. “Comrade” is the jews code word for Useful non-jew Idiot. Well, he was a boy and didn’t know better.

What the jews did was that they used a stupid boy to make ordinary people tell on each other. And what do ordinary people do when they scream “nazi-racist-antisemite”? The tell … Just the same as the Pavlik boy. And what do they tell about? Anyone that goes against the jews hidden agenda. And what do they all do by telling on parents and friends? Helping the jews to destroy their own country.

The jews call them Useful Idiots and they are all over, they are the jews proxy war machine. Every single Political Correct is a little Pavlik.

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This is Tibet when the lamas ruled.

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First the jews make America boycott, then the jew run America force the rest of the world to do the same. Just the other day, Jan 2o12 EU started boycotting Iran. How this work – see Iraq. This is exactly the same thing. First destroy the economic and then bomd the crap out of that country. The jews call this “liberation”.

And guess what shitty little “country” will buy iran oil at half price? The jews started the boycott of South-Africa and the jews was the only “country” trading with S-A. Same thing with Iraq. First the jews starts the boycott, then they cash in on it. Everybody lose – except the jews.

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To boycott a country is a declaration of war. Who started this war on Iran? See the same 25 jews that started the war on Iraq. It’s exactly the same 25 jews, Bill Kristol for one.

“The United States is working hard to persuade other countries to obey its domestic law on sanctioning the Iranian Oil industry.”

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It don’t get more in the face how the jews started all wars the last 250 years then this. Iraq is the jews MO right in your face, watch Iran and it’s Iraq all over again.

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The Samson Option explodes one of the world’s most closely guarded secrets—the secret of Israel’s atomic arsenal. It relates, for the first time, the political, diplomatic, and military repercussions that have for decades been concealed from the world.

How Jonathan Pollard, the American spy now serving a life sentence in jail, was a key figure in Israel’s nuclear program (and how some of Pollard’s intelligence was turned over to the Soviet Union at the express direction of Yitzhak Shamir, the Israeli prime minister).

Just as Samson brought down the temple and killed himself along with his enemies, so would Israel destroy those who sought its destruction.

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Jews Love Criminals

Jews Love Criminals

Criminal jews get caught all the time and what do all the jews do? They do everything to get the criminal jews out of jail. Jews also will do anything to get some criminal non-jews out of jail. What every single non-jew criminal the jews do everything to get out of jail have in common is that they kill white people.

The jews don’t give a fuck about a nigger or any mud scum killing other niggers or mud, but the jews will be all over ranting their “human rights”bullshit when a nigger or mud kills white people and the jews will do anything to get the nigger out of jail.

Why? Because it’s good for the jews. Low scale civil war. What was the first thing the jews did when they took over Russia in 1917? Open the jail and let every single criminal jew and non-jew out of jail.

To the jews a dead white is a good white.

Criminals that kill white people are the jews proxy war machine.

The jews let this nigger out of jail – Click Here

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What really happened in Russia 1917 was that the jews stole the worlds largest country. The jews took control of the Russian state, stole everything every single russian had and made all russians the jews slaves. Bobody except the jews was allowed to have guns.

Most likely you don’t know this and that is because nobody told you this. You are ignorant. Now you know, l just told you what the jews did to Russia. When l tell you the jews plan is to do it all over again, but this time the jews plan is do the same thing to the entire western world.

The jews did it once and got away with it, that is the reason you didn’t know because nobody told you. You can dout my statement all you want, l have info from jew only sources that jews was in total control of Soviet from 1917 to 1990 stockpiled here at Hofflandia com

But if you refuse to educate yourself – that is stupidity. And it’s a self choosen stupidity. The jews plan is to exterminate the white race. The jews want to steal your life, to steal everything you have is easy now. The jews did the same thing to Russia only a 100 years ago. The jews killed at least 20, twenty million white russians. How many palestinians have the jews killed today? And the jews won’t do it again? They do it right now. The jews kill all true patriots that resist the jews taking control of their country-state, steal anything they want and the rest is the jews slaves. The jews did the exact same thing in Russia a century ago. And the jews are doing it in Palestine today … But the jews won’t do it to you?

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Jew-TV is a relentless never ending Jewish Pornmovie

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One stand up MAN – incogMAN – Click Here

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“Decent Negroes enjoy all the rights everyone does – just like they ALWAYS DID – as long as they follow the rules!” –Joe Cortina–

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Jewish man gets caught red handed spraying anti-Jewish hate messages in New York

Q from Hoff: How many jews does it take to make a another “Kristall night”?

Answer: Some 25 jews or so Give the jews 66 years and this JEW instigated event will be a horrible POGROM in the jewish propaganda machine. This video is Russia 1880 all over again.

Do you know why the jewish scum was allowed into America a century ago? Because retarded non-jews – that would be YOU – belived the jewish scumbags false flag operation. Russia 1880 or America 2o12 – same jew crap and same WHITE retards buying the jews holohoax bullshit.

Why was the jews allowed to immigrat by the millions to America a century ago? Because the jews claimed that they was “exterminated” by the six millions – by the russian king.


Give the jewish scum a half century from now and this event will be the total extermination of the jews. This video is Russia 1880. Give the jews a half century and the jews in the jews propaganda machine will make this JEW INSTIGATED event to the most evil deed – in history of man.

Jewish bullshit at work – and YOU – YOU fucking retard buy the jews bullshit propaganda.

When the fuck will you ever get it? I Hoff over and over again explainse the jews propaganda in i history context. America 2o12 or Russia 1880 – what is the difference? Nothing – it’s the jews holohoax bullshit recycled all over again.

Jewish bullshit propaganda recycled:

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“That’s right S, and don’t forget that the bullies are the least intelligent.
Our gov. and it’s foreign policy is without a doubt controlled by jewish scumbags, it does the dirty work for the global jew mafia in the same manner that an enforcer would shatter the knee caps of those who couldn’t pay a debt or submit to pressure from some big city jew mafia outfit.

The global jew mafia and the JewSA as it’s enforcer will not stop until the monopolization is complete unless there is enough of US to make them stop.
Dr. Paul is generating a lot of sparks, people i think, for the first time in decades are starting to excersize critical thought and start to search for answers to questions they never considered. Those questions and answers ultimately point to the jew.

That’s about how it worked for me, we are not born into this but if the right avenue is taken there’s no turning around and it looks like that avenue is getting more traffic.

Dupes can always change their minds about what niggerball team is their favorite or which funny jew sitcom is the best on the filthy TV and all the other jew driven garbage out there to keep folks distracted are all tools for jewry but once we become jew wise it becomes our main focus and we’ll never walk away from it.

Now the jews and their media are pushing too hard and the curtain is falling, as it does more folks will see what the deal is and when they do, they’ll be in our corner.

Tick Tock, Jews !”

— Bailey–

And this is what Hofflandia com is all about:

Tick Tock … Tick Tock … Bye Bye jew scum

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