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“”Early the next day Jewish boys ran off to Weimar to steal clothing and potatoes. And to rape German girls”

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“80,000 Jews gassed in one night”

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Vox says:

November 29, 2011 at 5:11 pm

If anyone doesn’t already know this:

Prior to WWII Gentiles were NOT circumcised. The practice began because when jews were rounded up by the Germans a drop of the pants removed all doubt as to whether a male was a juden. The practice began in the states as a result of the juden dominating the medical field. It was the “neva again!” motto that got it started here. The juden had all the Gentiles circumcised so they could “never again” be found out in a crowd.

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Is this correct? Do we have any american born before jew war two (ww2) here at Hofflandia?

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… that will say or do anything to please my jew masters.

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Compare this picture …

Picture – Click Here

… and then this picture:

Picture 2 – Click Here

In the Shadow of the Red Banner

The book

The jewish fraud zionism and the jewish fraud communism is jew gang war.

ln the first picture you see the star of the jews in the back and the jews hammer and sickle in the front. ln the 2nd picture you see the hammer and sickle in the background. The zion-communist jews rule America. Jew run Zionism or jew run communism = same jewish bullshit. Today the jewish fraud zionism are on top of the jewish fraud communism, but in the end it’s just the same jewish fraud.

Who rules America 2011: The jews or true patriot americans?

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Bahrain, on the other hand, under the rule of King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, is most certainly not a target nation – because it is an ally of the United States. The United States supports the tyrannical Khalifa regime in Bahrain because it hosts the U.S. 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf.

This means that the anti-regime protest movement in Bahrain has not received any moral support from the JEW RUN United States government or JEW RUN media.

In Bahrain, the JEW RUN U.S. government has actually supported the violent crackdown on the protesters. Today, Martin Chulov of the Guardian reports that some 20 Bahraini medics who provided medical help to protesters during the uprising in Bahrain have been sentenced to up to 15 years in jail. Will the U.S. government come to the defense of these doctors who have been punished for helping the injured?

incogman net – Click Here

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2.6 million hits in 48 hour. Go there and post up Hofflandai.

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Some 4,000 rabbis gather for Chabad-Lubavitch conference

Rabbis from more than 75 countries participate in annual event aimed at learning, brainstorming and networking.

By Yair Ettinger and Haaretz

He is a jew and Haaretz is a daily jewpaper in the so called “israel”.

Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries gathering in front of their world headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, Nov. 27, 2011.

Jews? What fucking jews- l’m stupid inthe head and can’t se no jews.

Can You Even Spell – Cloned Jews?

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Mandatory Video

Good find Bailey!

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American Marines At Work


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According to the jews peddo-Talmud it’s okay for jewish peddos to fuck three years babies.

Jewish Peddo-filth cover to cover – Click Here for Jewish Peddo-filth

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The lips are moving.

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UKRAINE, “the breadbasket of Europe” is a land famous for its fertile black earth and its golden wheat.

Yet, only forty years ago seven million Ukrainians starved to death although no natural catastrophe had visited the land.

Forty years ago the people starved while the JEW RUN Soviet Union exported butter and grain. While the JEW RUN Moscow banqueted, Ukraine hungered.


What did the jews do to Ukraine?

The jews boycotted Ukraine. And what did l tell you a jew instigated boycott is? Boycott is one of the most powerful 44 secret weapons of the jews. What wepon did the jews use to control Russia-Ukraine? Starvation. How did the jews do it? The jews cut off the food supply lines.

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There was no draught or flood in Ukraine in the 1930s

Ukraine and More Jewish Propaganda Bullshit – by Hoff

In the 1930s the jews starved at least six million Ukrainians to death. Ukraine is the bread basket of Europe. One farm can feed at least five other families. When you ask a jew communist why there was a famine in Ukraine in the 30s they will all tell you it was because the weather. Either it was a flood or drought.

Of course this is just more jewish bullshit propaganda for the brain dead non-jews. It is impossible to have a famine in a bread basket!

You can give a cow paper or straws to eat and the cow will give you milk. My uncle have 100 cows and all they get to chew in the winter is straws. Of course they get corn to eat, but the basic fodder is straws, not hay but straws. That the farmers of Ukraine didn’t have straws to feed their cows is jewish bullshit. Feed a cow straws and you will always have milk and butter.

Do you know what a pig will eat? Just about anything – including pork. To starve a pig to death is next to impossible. One cow, one pig and you have milk, butter, meat and bacon. Add some chickens and you have a soup and eggs.

There was no draught or flood in Ukraine in the 1930s. Hence, the only way to have a famine in the Ukraine bread basket was because someone made a famine – and it was the jews who made the famine in Ukraine in the 30s.

Starvation is one of the jews 44 secret weapons. The jews used starvation in the jew run Soviet from 1917 to 1990, to control the Russian people. The jews coup started in St Petersburg, the Russian king’s capitol. And what the jews did was they cut off the bread supply lines. If you don’t get bread it will take top 48 hours and you will be on the streets demanding some change. And who was on the streets telling the Russian people: – Follow us! We will give you bread!

The jews.

The Jew Made Famine in Ukraine – Click Here

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Mandatory Read

In 1933 the Jews formed an international boycott of German goods which was especially effective in some areas since the retail trade in many countries was and is in Jewish hands. An encirclement of Germany was enacted, where no food could flow into Germany, and no goods could flow out either.

A few years prior to this in 1932-33 the jewish led Soviets encircled the Ukraine and stopped anyone from leaving, then they took all food grown in the Ukraine and shipped it out, forcing 10,000,000 Ukrainians to starve to death.

Germany was (is) pretty much right next to the Ukraine and saw the mass starvations taking place. Now the same thing done to Ukraine was being done to Germany and the German people became scared.

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Nazi-Zionist Collaboration

8.2 The Jewish Agency murders Jewish refugees

If there is any remaining doubt that Zionists were prepared to collaborate with Nazism, and that they always put their aim for a Jewish state before the survival of the Jews, let us remember that it is on the public record that the Zionist ‘Haganah’, the ‘Jewish defense force’, not only joined the Gestapo in organizing forced emigration of Jews from Germany to Palestine, but also did its share of directly murdering Jews, when this proved unsuccessful.

The VJBD has complained about a Palestine Speaks broadcast on 27 August 1978 which said ‘Many people of Jewish faith or background have also died at the hands of Zionist terrorist over the years.’

Let us therefore examine the case of the S.S. Patria, full of Jewish refugees from Hitler, which was blown up on November 25, 1940 supposedly in a mass suicide protest against the British decision to transfer them to Mauritius instead of admitting them to Palestine.

On the 18th anniversary of their deaths, the Zionist leader Sharett together with Ben Gurion declared that they were martyrs to the cause and admitted complicity saying ‘It is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a few in order to save the many ‘.84

8.3 Continuing Zionist threats to Jews

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Jew-Watch com

Jewwatch com – Click Here

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From link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avraham_Stern

In January 1941, Stern attempted to make an agreement with the German Nazi authorities, offering to “actively take part in the war on Germany’s side” in return for helping Jewish refugees to come to Israel into a Jewish State. Another attempt to contact the Germans was made in late 1941

Also let us read about Yitzhak Shamir a Zionist allied with Avraham Stern and the Stern Gang, Shamir would later become the 7th Prime Minister of the illegal Zionist “state” of “Israel”:


In the British Mandate of Palestine

In 1935 he came to the Palestine and in the same year changed his family name to Shamir. He joined the Irgun Zvai Leumi, an underground Jewish militia organization directed against the British control of Palestine and inspired by the views of Vladimir Jabotinsky. When the Irgun split in 1940, Shamir sided with the most militant faction, headed by Avraham Stern.

In secret contacts with German representatives at Beirut the group offered to open up a military front against the British in the Middle East in return for the expulsion of the Jewish population of Europe to Palestine (Heller, 1995, pp. 85-86).

See this great link for info on Zionist and Nazi collaboration:

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Main Page – Click Here

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How To Use Jew, Jews and Jewish Bullshit – by Hoff

When l do a search l always add Jew or Jews – but never Jewish. I think it was two years ago when l did l a search but this time a never seen before page from Google came up. The message in short was that the only people who searched jew or jews was insane jew-haters. Gas chambers and the next holohoax was just around the corner.

The proper way was to search using Jewish. Fuck Google and the jew scumbags at Google. I’ll search by any word l chose. This is the jew scumbags strategy, to intimidate and scare people. This is physical mind control.

After this l stopped to use the word Jewish. When the jews use jewish the jews tries to make lying jewish scumbags look nice. Today l use the word Jewish – BUT ALWAYS in a bad context. Jewish scumbags, jewish filth, jewish bullshit, jewish fraud … and so on. And this is the proper way for jew-aware and jew-wise people to use Jewish. Use the word Jewish – but always in a bad context.

When you use the word jews or jews they also should be connected to a bad context. Jew bullshit, jew scumbags and so on. The good thing is to use the word jew or jews is insulting to jews in itself. But add a smear-slander anyway to jew and jews. Just to rub it in 😉

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One thing l never could make sense of is why the house loans have next to zero interest, and it’s the FED jews who sets the interest rate. From 4:20 to 6:10 you get the answer. The Fannie Mae crash was pre-planned by the criminal FED jews.

The next to zero interest was a FED jew scam. The plan was to cash in when the market crashed.

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Does Music Affect A Fetus?

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1:12 Pause – Mandatory

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@ Cannibal Rabbie and All

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This is a number of official reports about what REALLY happened in Russia 1917 and the next years. Every single report say the same thing, it’s jews who run the coup and the jews uses starvation as a weapon against the russian people. Anyone that in the slightest manner opposes the jews are simply shot on the spot. This is a gem. This is first-hand reports from inside Russia as it happens. Read it!!!

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When Jews Rule

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Hitler Germany and the zionists was working together to make jews go to Palestine. They didn’t tell you this in school or on Hitlery Channel (History Channel). Four min video will change everything you was ever told about the “evil naaaaazzzis”.

3:10 to 7:30 is mandatory.

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African Genius, 14 Year Old Self Taught Engineer makes Electricity For Village. And he invented the bicycle, dynamo and the battery. What’s next? Blacks walking the moon?

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Mandatory read.

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