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Br Nathan is an ex-jew, and what he don’t know about the jews you probably don’t need to now anyway. Br Nahan have some 650 articles and some 50 videos.

You can debunk any statement Br Nathan do about the jews? You can try all you want, but nobody in the world can debunk a single statement Br Nathan does on the jews.

If you are new to the jew problem, this is the place to do your homework.

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Think again. According to Encyclopedia Judaica, published in 1971, entry: Rothschild Edmund, this jew started and funded the jew invasion of Palestine in the 1880s. The article claims that if not for the Rothschild money the jew invasion would have been impossible.

l have a copy of every page of that article.

The jews want to rule the world and then of course the jews must have a world supreme court. And guess who paid for it? And guess wher it’s located? Right next to the jew run Knesset in Palestine.

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BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

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Freud, Zionism and Sexual Revolution

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lt takes time to get used to a new blog. lf you have a blog it takes a lot more time to get used to it. Just when l get used to the admi pages the #¤%¤&& WordPress morons change the meny. lt takes weeks to find your stuff and get back on track.

Same thing with Microsoft. Every single #¤%&/(#¤ “update” and it takes weeks before the PC get back on track. And don’t you even mention JewTube. l had it with those “updates” and gave the WordPress admi my opinion about there “updates”.

The rest is in the comments. FOUL languish.

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Mandatory Read

Read all the comments.
Everything is Mandatory read!

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“Terrorists control The White House”

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