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 War is just another jew racket and jew scam.

Let’s also not forget that the jews started the Civil War here in the U.S. and also The American Revolution so that jews could dismantle and disentegrate this country as much as possible to install jew control mechanisms: Illegal Fed Reserve, Illegal Income Tax (all instruments of Jew Communist Totalitarianism)= jews own the U.S.

Jews even had the unmitigated audacity to use British mercenary soldiers against us here in the U.S. in the American Revolution – couching and obsuring the fact that the American Revolution was, in fact, a jew war. (jews blamed the war on the “British crown….au contraire!). The jews then proceeded to use their ownership of printing, book publications, and mass media to re-write the truth: American Revolution and The Civil War were JEW WARS.

And so it goes, the jews continue to foment and start wars constantly (WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan et al) – insinuating the U.S. military into each and everyone of these death trap scenarios. Here’s how the unethical jew war scam operates: Jews foment the wars they instigate, jews arm and fund ALL sides ALL countries, then jews bankrupt each country financially – then jews come riding in with the “jew solution”: Buy up every asset in the country and thereby own that country. See how that works…. Brilliant strategy used by jews? Not quite. Jews are just following a template for their ultimate wet dream to be completed: Jew New World Order where jews rule the entire planet under the auspices and aegis of Jew Satanic Communism.

Additionally, here other evil-vile objectives for jew wars: Since jews are a huge criminal network that also happens to be a Satanic Death Cult, they use the deaths from these wars as “Satan’s sacrifical alter”. The wars currently occurring in the M.E. are all fomented by jews for all the above stated reasons – also these wars kill off lots of White Christians (we White Christians are a bane to the existence of jews). Jews have White Christians and Muslims duking it out in the M.E. right now – so that both sides kill each other off….it saves jews the trouble.

And while it’s true that I firmly believe in a strong military for the U.S., I also believe that continuing to fight jew wars is an exercise in participating in our own downfall and our own demise.

Here’s hoping White Americans wake the hell up and stop fighting in jew wars and exercise our strong military as a ways and means to deal with the jew problem – not aid and abet in the jew problem – and keep perpetuating the jew problem. Otherwise, it’s going to ultimately be the “End Game” for here in the U.S.

None of the foregoing is secret information. Jews openly brag about how they start all wars and get fat financially from these wars….it’s all explicated fully in jew encyclopedias. Actually jew encyclopedias should be seized and used as incriminating evidence against them…..you know, for “when the time comes”.

And, it’s coming. It’s just a matter of time.


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